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Full of (the) vinegar: extremely bitter, throwing shade or slydigging.
Used mainly by the Achievement Hunter guys (, mostly by Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey, and Michael Jones.
He's full of the vinegar today!
by percivaltheocelot June 06, 2014
term used to describe vietnamese people that try to act black. short for viet n(word) its slang like wigger is a white boi trying to be black
stop actiin black u vinegar.
DAmn vinegars make us look bad
by E.T. M March 20, 2005
The only way a white person can say the "N word" without getting in trouble.
White guy: "Omg, look at that ****** across the street."

Black guy: "What you say white boy?!"

White guy: "I said vinegar! I'm going shopping!"

Black guy: "Oh, aiight you cool then bruh."
by Some guy roffl July 13, 2009
Cheapest and handiest liquid for douching (cleansing the vagina).
Claire always carried a bottle of vinegar in her purse because she never know how many office romeos would take her to the janitor's closet during the work day at the office.
by Richard Black March 15, 2005
A Vietnamese person who has never been to Vietnam but associates themselves with the country and acts like an African-American gangster from Compton. This person is also a smoker that frequently tempts biggers to blaze.
John: "Yo dawg im so hiiighhh"
Ishan: "uh WUZ HATNIN vinegar"
Ishan: "Look at that gay fag over there"
Bruce: "Yea, Eric loves penis. Stop being bigger."
Ishan: "W/e tigger and vinegar PCE"
by biggerbrownie November 08, 2010
1. Cheapest douching method.
2. Cleans shit real good.
3. Pino.
1. Don't reall need to explain.
2. Ever watch that show "How Clean Is Your House?"? Well there ya' go...
3. Pino Smells Like Vinegar!
by corrupt.ELEMENT December 08, 2005
to go on ones vinegars means going for some me time with a definate orgasmic outcum
I can't come out tonight i'm on my vinegars.

I was being friendly with my partner and just as was coming into the final vinegars I....
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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