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Grunny (NOUN) - A fictional animal on Name is a combination of "Green" and "bunny" which describes the grunny's appearence. Grunnies carry a poison that, when injected into humans through a bite, can make them into Grunny Zombies (Grombies)
Member1: OMFG there's a grunny on your head O_O
by Nanaki001 November 09, 2006
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A green zombie rabbit that was injected with the G virus. If you get infected by many of them, one will sprout up out of your head (from
All hail Lord Grunny and his green rabbity-ness
by D. Marie August 07, 2006
A tiger like animal in the form of a Green bunny, with a virus that will infect you in seconds. Since it is a Green bunny, they have named this rare species a Grunny, or in the Alt universe,
A prunny. Also, they have discovered rare sightings of Gramsters, and many have been infected and have turned into 'Grombies'.
A: Dude, what's that moving in the bush?
B: Some kind of rabbit...
A: Wait a minute... It's a Grunny with a Prunny and a Gramster!
by TrunnyGrunny April 22, 2011
Actor Greg Grunberg's (of Heroes and Alias fame) nickname.
Grunny plays Matt Parkman, the telepathic cop, on Heroes.
by claramata June 12, 2009
something that is equally gross and funny.
person 1 : did you see when that guy made milk come out of his nose when he couldn't stop laughing?

person 2 : hells yes! that was mad grunny!
by alexa is BOMB November 11, 2007
crap or shit
youre a grunny ball
by owen November 18, 2003
A slothlike creature, often found in front of a computer.
Grunny likes to IM.
by I'll never tell February 29, 2004

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