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Php forum with other numerious functions besides the normal functions of a forum.
The biggest, and used by all, function is the costumizable avatar that represent the user. These avatars can be equipped with the wast array of clothing. Clothing, and other items, can be bought with a virtual currensy gained from surfing the site. Some of these items, from the forum start, have gained an extreme price. Some items are only gained from random events, another feature of the site, called either "uncommens" or "rares". This standard is given from the common clothing, simply called "common".

Bumping, short for "Bring Up My Post", is another practise very common to gaiaonline. It is a very short messages, ususally just "bump", that brings the thread posted in to the top of the forum.

But, there are several flaws in the servers and coding of the site, resulting in breakdowns and weird glitches. Also the immense bumping might be the result of a server breakdown once in while.

Also, as in many forum, there are an exceptionally high number of flamers that stalk the forum.
Everything is fine... Everything is fine... OMG something broke!!!!1!!11! Panic time... Wait it's fixing itself, phew... Everything is fine...
by Mads Glahder January 23, 2005
One of several nerd gathering places on the internet. Speaks the ever-popular nerd language, consisting of lowercase mispellings of 'words', including 'pwnage', 'n00b', 'woot', and 'bump'.
I once went to to troll, and I was quickly cursed at by dedicated users calling me a 'n00b'.
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
A website that function's horribly.
It'd be nice if wasn't so!
by Haru December 23, 2004
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