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A resident of Padanaram. Usually used with a negative connotation, it implies that the person specified is an uppity rich snob who inherited their wealth instead of earning it.
I was at the bar last night and this fuckin' pundy walked by and got all pissed off at me because he said I spilled beer on his $200 sweater.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
1) A reference to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

2) A code word that politicians use to signal to racists that they too, are racist. Used in the past to signal that you support segregation and Jim Crow laws.
When Strom Thurmond said he believed in State's Rights, he really meant that he wanted to keep segregation legal in the South.

If you believe in States' Rights but want to pass the Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, you are a hypocrite.
by defenestrator March 09, 2005
A village that is part of the town of Dartmouth in Massachusetts. Padanaram is the rich section of town, and some consider its residents to be stuck-up and shallow.

see Pundy
We had a lot of fun last night, driving around Padanaram and throwing things at all the BMW's
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
The phenomenon of playing a game on Steam and either getting killed or missing vital information due to Steam blocking out the bottom-right corner of the game to tell you that a friend has logged into a different game. Named for mailman Cliff Clavin from the TV show "Cheers," who often spouted useless, wrong, and/or unwanted trivia to the annoyance of the people around him.
"FUCK, I'm dead! I would've SEEN that landmine if I weren't being Steam-Clavined just then!"
by Defenestrator January 01, 2015
A fool. A silly or incompetent person. A minor insult used among friends or about someone not worthy or a major insult.
You locked yourself out of your car? You fuckin' mooyuk.
by defenestrator March 22, 2005
A small New England chain of 24-hour diners. They are similar to Denny's, but considered superior, because they have higher quality food and are a locally owned and operated business.
Steve: It's midnight but I want an omelette and some homefries.

Dave: Let's go to Bickford's then.

Steve: Excellent!
by defenestrator March 24, 2005
An alternate spelling of the grunnys.
I can't eat cheese. It gives me the grunnies.
by defenestrator March 22, 2005

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