grundles or grundle shavings are commonly used for the word/s pubes or pubic hair
Eww his grundles were seeping out of his shorts.
by o milinhos July 05, 2008
The simultaneous occurance of every humanly imagineable bodily function (i.e. ejaculation, weeping, defecation, urination, hemorrhaging, perspiration, sneezing, coughing, drooling), resulting in both severe pain and unparalleled pleasure.
In loving memory of Jacob Anthony McCormick, who deceased this past Monday, December the 6th, 2005 from an unexcpected, fatal grundle. God rest his tormented soul and mutilated body.
by Jordan Henry and Mark Dover December 05, 2005
taint your balls and taint your asshole
stinky stip of skin between balls and asshole
by juice November 12, 2003
The act of burrowing your nose into someones anus durring sexual playtime. A gluteal motor boat. Also known as a "Steam Boat Willy".
We started with the Dutch rudder, then moved on to the Dirty Sanchez, and ended with a lengthy and lively Grundle.
by Tasty time May 21, 2012
the perineum, especially the male perineum
I tried to shave my grundle but I just ended up making it itch.
by The Return of Light Joker November 18, 2011
The grundle, according to my Columbus, OH elementary school upbringing, refers not only to the unisex taint, but can also refer to the mythical "sideways" vagina. I think of this rare sort of grundle as the feminine counterpart to the maverick male "chode." If anyone ever sees a babe-a-rino with a honest-to-God grundle perched atop her burger, shoot me a comment.
AAAH!!! That bitch has a grundle that looks like a Venus Fly Trap, dudes.
by Busty Rimjoe June 21, 2007
The word Grundle for most people means between youre scrotum and youre asshole, but it also is used as a verb. It means to stick 2 fingers in between the scrotum and the asshole.
Dont grundle me, it hurts.
by Dick enormus July 18, 2006

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