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The region between a mans ballsack and his asscrack.
I messed up on my ollie and my skateboard sliced me RIGHT IN THE GRUNDLE.
by Harrison Hoffman May 08, 2005
18 19
Name of the Harris/Millis dining hall at the University of Vermont.
They serve Belgian Waffles at the Grundle on the weekends
by Alex February 19, 2005
13 14
to rub something on one's nifkin, nuts and/or penis
If you don't shut up, I'm gonna grundle your face.
by Joe February 16, 2005
1 2
The Space Between
Also the Best Underground Hardcore Band In the World Featuring AngryJay on Vocals
"My Grundle Really gets stinkey after a show" (AngryJay)
by AngryJay December 29, 2003
3 4
Male form of taint - taint ass, taint pussy. The space between your ass and balls.
by shigga October 30, 2003
2 3
n: the hairy space between the genitals and asshole. Also referred to as the "taint"
"dont make me punch you in the grundle"
by Reggie! October 16, 2003
8 9
a non- sweaty swundle

it's good as a breakfast food
I bashed his grundle with a rusty cheesegrater
by holotekor July 23, 2003
13 14