v. to lick the grundle
I'll usually ask someone to grundle me for awhile before moving on to rimming.
by John November 30, 2003
The entirety of one's package and asshole, to inlcude either to cock, balls, taint, and asshole, or vagina, taint, and asshole. One's grundle often bears the brunt of the day's heat and is most likely sweaty and horrific smelling.
1) I took my undies off and holy shit did my Grundle smell like rotten cottage cheese!

2) I'd love to punch that dude right in his Grundle

3) I heard it's very easy to get into her Grundle.
by Davy Grohlton June 23, 2012
The act of burrowing your nose into someones anus durring sexual playtime. A gluteal motor boat. Also known as a "Steam Boat Willy".
We started with the Dutch rudder, then moved on to the Dirty Sanchez, and ended with a lengthy and lively Grundle.
by Tasty time May 21, 2012
A large quantity of something awesome, can also be used as a measurement of some thing awesome.
There are a grundle of tattoos on that man's foreskin.

That chip is going to make you car a grundle load faster.
by bamf bromine April 05, 2011
Old Man's nappy hairy sweaty space between balls and turd cutter. Often smells of a ripe cheese. Can be used as a ShamWow.
Sniff my GRUNDLE mid coitis.
by The JYKLE February 19, 2010
The spot between your ass and your nuts.
I was scratching my grundle. Or, My grundle smell like shit hole.
by Zack Gradwell November 06, 2007
The space between the balls and butt hole.
Homar loves to lick the grundle before giving a rim job.
by IAmIllest October 08, 2014

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