The trashiest excrements of trailer park septic tanks, which, when mixed with crack-cocaine form into an American of sub-average intelligence, and are of the lowest societal and economic standing possible, ever.
Is that grundle pregnant, again? Shoot, it looks like her dad forgot to wear a condom, again.
by greedy grundle groper February 22, 2010
v. to lick the grundle
I'll usually ask someone to grundle me for awhile before moving on to rimming.
by John November 30, 2003
The area between the schnackel and the hershey highway, that is often hairy and sweaty during ball-sackin whackin activity.
I'm currently settling down to a nice warm glass of grundle juice.
by Bob Smith August 17, 2003
A large quantity of something awesome, can also be used as a measurement of some thing awesome.
There are a grundle of tattoos on that man's foreskin.

That chip is going to make you car a grundle load faster.
by bamf bromine April 05, 2011
1. The small particulate matter or shake that remains in a stash of marijuana once all of the larger "dank nuggets" are gone.
2. (In male human anatomy) the area between the scrotum or ball sack and anus or butt hole respectively. Also commonly referred to as the taint.
1. Dood grundle is like smoking dust.
2. When I wrecked my bike the seat hit me right in the grundle.
by Sea of turds January 05, 2011
Old Man's nappy hairy sweaty space between balls and turd cutter. Often smells of a ripe cheese. Can be used as a ShamWow.
Sniff my GRUNDLE mid coitis.
by The JYKLE February 19, 2010
the space between your coin purse and balloon knot
I sharted and got some poop on my grundle
by dkamp September 28, 2008

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