The perineum on a human male. Named after the hairyness of the Grendel monster from Beowulf and a young polishman's genitals.
"Mike has a super hairy grundle and Ann wouldnt go near it, so he dumped her"
by Double Bs April 18, 2008
The simultaneous occurance of every humanly imagineable bodily function (i.e. ejaculation, weeping, defecation, urination, hemorrhaging, perspiration, sneezing, coughing, drooling), resulting in both severe pain and unparalleled pleasure.
In loving memory of Jacob Anthony McCormick, who deceased this past Monday, December the 6th, 2005 from an unexcpected, fatal grundle. God rest his tormented soul and mutilated body.
by Jordan Henry and Mark Dover December 05, 2005
(n.) the spot between the asshole and ball sack.
"dude, your grundle smells like 1000 dead hippies"
by smackfacedown August 20, 2009
v. to lick the grundle
I'll usually ask someone to grundle me for awhile before moving on to rimming.
by John November 30, 2003
The area between your ball sack and ass
"My grundle was so ichy yesterday"
by Jon Smith12121212121212 November 15, 2009
The area between the schnackel and the hershey highway, that is often hairy and sweaty during ball-sackin whackin activity.
I'm currently settling down to a nice warm glass of grundle juice.
by Bob Smith August 17, 2003
the area between one's scrotum and anus.
the real thing. "Gooch" can go to hell
by KinCryos August 08, 2003
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