the perineum, especially the male perineum
I tried to shave my grundle but I just ended up making it itch.
by The Return of Light Joker November 18, 2011
The grundle, according to my Columbus, OH elementary school upbringing, refers not only to the unisex taint, but can also refer to the mythical "sideways" vagina. I think of this rare sort of grundle as the feminine counterpart to the maverick male "chode." If anyone ever sees a babe-a-rino with a honest-to-God grundle perched atop her burger, shoot me a comment.
AAAH!!! That bitch has a grundle that looks like a Venus Fly Trap, dudes.
by Busty Rimjoe June 21, 2007
1. The hair that lines the fleshy area between the male scrotum (balls) and the anal cavity (butt hole).

The definition of "grundle" may also be confused the fleshy area that possesses the hair known as the grundle. This area is known as the "taint". See "taint"

*note: pubic lice that are known to inhabit the grundle are known as grundle grunts or scrotum skippers.
Man, my grundle is infested with grundle grunts.
by Tofu January 27, 2004
the hot spot under a mans boys right before you get to his bung
" ooooh baby, i likes when you KY my grundle up "
by Heather November 02, 2003
Also known as the pereneum, taint, and a personal favorite SBAAB, the grundle is the space between the ass and balls...also the place ladies that you definitely want to aim for.
"Watch out or I'll tickle your grundle."

"Oh anything but the grundle!"
by Jessie October 18, 2003
The prison pocket
Bubba ripped my grundle last night.
by Grundalina June 27, 2015
A Jewish Grandma Troll often in an irate mood. Known to inhabit bridge underpasses in Palestine.
I was accosted by a shockingly hairy grundle as I made my way home from the meat market.
by katiethelady March 13, 2015

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