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grool = girl drool. Grool is not squirting. It is the lube that women produce when they are sexually aroused. Some girls have clear grool and some girls have creamy grool.
When I was riding him, I was so wet that my grool was running down his cock and dripping off his balls.
by thegrool January 20, 2010
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great and cool put together
the was Grool
by real person May 22, 2004
any fleshy part of meat or poultry that is considered refuse, or undesirable to be eaten. it consists of tendons, ligaments, fat, and sometimes veins.

people who continue to indulge into the grool part of the meat fall into the category of MEAF
How am I supposed to eat this steak? It's more grool than actual meat!
by truthseeker__ February 07, 2011
Great + Cool = Grool simple and effective
person1: Why don't we go to that party?
person2: That'd be grool
by Nabilah August 05, 2007
something that is cool,and that is also great
''that car is so grool''
by Mrs.B.ferdinand-spears March 10, 2005
is a combination of great and cool.
person one: Hey there is a party this friday, are you coming?
person two: ya totally
person one: Grool!!!!!!
by Ivanahumpalat November 14, 2005
when you are talking to THE HOTTEST GUY ON EARTH and he invites you to a party or the movies and you are about to say great but then at the last secound, say cool and it comes out to be GROOL...then end up sounding like a HUGE LOSER when your explaining to the hot guy what you just said
SEXII GUY-" u wanna come to this party im going to tonight with me?"
YOU- "yeah sure..sounds fun"
SEXII GUY-" ill pick you up at 8ish?.."
YOU-"grool..err...great, haha i was going to say great but then said cool and i came out as grool..."
SEXII GUY-"lol..k grool.."
YOU(talking to yourself in your head)- OMG im such a loser hes never going to ever ask me out again!! i cant believe i just said that...what is GROOL anyway. UGH ILL NEVER B ABLE 2 face him again!!!
by renee zambelletti June 16, 2008

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