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noun; a state of miserable and agonizing itchiness and discomfort in the genital region

verb; to suffer from awful, awful chafing and pubic itchiness

BRO 1: Dude, I can't go out. I'm in a gronch like no other.

BRO 2: Aw, bummer man.
by keystoned April 15, 2009
The amount of force behind a shit. Goes good with the song "Under Pressure" by Queen
Dude my gronch is building. I need to be passing legislation
by Applejacks1898 December 29, 2014
1. To eat someone's food without permission.

History: Gronch is an onomatopoeia for the sound of eating a crunchy food.
Don't be gronchin' my almonds, foo!
by BongTokinAlcoholic June 20, 2005
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