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A steaming turd produced by a hard night on the cans and curry or kebabs. Grog bogs occur the day after any given night where alcohol has been consumed to excessive levels. It is a foul, black, hot, sticky and large poo or series of poo's that are an essential part of the body's detox process
"hey mate, i let fly a couple of grog bogs at work this morning, man they were violent, i'm glad i got all that seedy $7 oxford street curry and those 23 schooners out of my system, im as right as rain now"
by storkman January 15, 2008
The smelly, wet shit you do after a big night boozing up.. especially after rum.
'man, i wouldnt go there, he just did a massive grog bog'
by tara February 22, 2004
The smelliest type of poo that inevitably comes with a hangover, may have several during the coarse of the day if rum was consumed. Often referred to as an 'AGB', or After Grog Bog.
Ohh mate, just did the filthiest AGB.

Holy shit, your grog bog smells like dead rhinocerous!
by Muzzafucker June 10, 2006
When you do a shit the morning after a big night out drinking. It will be obvious that it has been alcohol fueled.
Dude, I woke up this morning and had to do a "grog bog".
by gimmefuel999 February 27, 2011
1. The worst type of shit possible.
2. An extremely repulsive female.
1. "Oh man, I jus' busted a grog bog in there, I wouldn't go in for 35-45 minutes."
2. "Tom hooked up with a mad-ass grog bog last night.
by Diego September 20, 2003
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