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A very disreputable and disgusting person. Any descriptive with the word "turd" can serve to stress the particularly egregious nature of the person's unpleasantness.
The boss made it evident in the relish he took in firing people what a steaming turd he was.
by Duckbutt December 06, 2005
1) Literal: a poo that usually occurs after a hot curry
2) Figurative: a person who judges other people and thinks they're hot but they're more like a steaming turd
1) "Woah I can't remember what I ate last night but I had a hot shit this morning"
2) "that girl thinks she's it with her crap english literature points, no one even likes her"
"yeah she's a steaming turd"
by Killerqueen94 October 03, 2014

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