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AGB stands for Asian Gang Bang and has been made popular by a group of individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area & Sacramento party scene. Although a common term that is typically used in porn, the use of AGB has a much more profound meaning at private after-parties. The most common use is when a female, regardless of race is requesting a group of 3 to 5 Asian males for her enjoyment. It can also be used to refer to a reverse gang bang, where there is one male and several females.
I went to this AGB last weekend and there were so many hot Asian guys.
by Butterscotch Love August 12, 2013
after grog bog, a stick, smelly, heavy and very satifying dump taken the morning after a big nights drinking.
had the biggest AGB this morning, took three flushes to pry it from the bowl
by jason brown December 09, 2002
After Grog Bog - The ritual trip to the toilet to take a shit the morning after a night of heavy drinking.
Dude,I'm going for my A.G.B. be right back.
by pagal_koota February 27, 2006
All Good Bro, or All Good Babe.
Charles: Sorry for stealing your girl Tony!
Tony: A g b. Karma will hit ya hard.
Charles: Ahk b. Mad chillz.
by Strozland September 24, 2013
(Angry Ginger Bitch) Term used to describe ginger women, usually from Missouri, that spend their entire day bitching. AGB's tend to attract desperate males who are extremely tolerant of bitching and like being babied.
I would marry anything right now. I better go to Missouri and find me an AGB.
by iFruit August 11, 2011
After Grog Bog

The turd a person does the morning after a hard night on the grog. The AGB is said to hurt more than anything!
The next morning after Roofus McCorky's night out on the town he had to do a AGB which hurt like all hell
by Corky McRoofus March 19, 2008
or ass grundle and balls. The term used to describe the flaw in porn when the camera angle captures the male participant's Buttocks, ass ball connection, and scrotum in one shot. This is highly displeasing to most viewers and is very annoying as the ratio of female body and male body tips towards the males favor.
Dude, i was on wackin my meat today to porn when the vid suddenly went AGB on me. i lost my boner..

Son: "Want to go to my wrestling meet dad?"
Dad: "So i can watch AGB all day? no thanks..."
by JGreen150 February 14, 2011
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