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doin u wrong or dirty.. backstabbin..
damn.. ya nigga grimey for messin wit ya best friend!
by cookie January 04, 2005
1. From "grime;" something very dirty or filthy, caked with dirt. Marked by abjectness stemming from neglect.

2. A morally reprehensible deed.

3. A person who is known for their lack of decency in human affairs.
1. After 3 months of winter driving in NYC, my car is grimey.

2. Your best friend fucked your girl? That's grimey.

3. Don't trust that kid. He's grimey.
by Ilan the Man August 29, 2005
It either means something bad, like you're backstabbing someone, or if you just did something cold.
It can mean something that gangsteror ill. Something that is good, basically.
1. Yo, that was jus plain grimey (cold).
2. That car is grimey man.
by The Showstoppa April 12, 2005
To betray or stab in the back. To Fuck someone over.
This dudes best friend's girlfriend broke up with him after they been together 4 like 3 years, two days latta da mutha f*cka is bangin the bitch
by Legoman May 05, 2005
Anything nasty or gross, something that needs cleaning, someone the day after heavy partying, something that has a nasty odor and/or a nasty personality
That Grimey girl last night was horrible
Katie Davis is really freekin grimey
Brintey Spears is grimey
Dude I feel so grimey today, what did I drink??
I slept with the grimiest girl ever last night
by thefruityone June 07, 2009
adjective used to describe filthy dirty dubstep music.
Person 1: What's that music you're listening
Person 2: I'm listening to that grimey shitt.
by Mr. Plush May 26, 2010
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