bogus, or dirty, or foul
dang cuz yo shoes is grimey as hell!

Robyn yo toes is Grimey as hell... they look like Alligator feet!
by Karen And Ashley May 01, 2003
Grimey is a derogatory term, most commonly used to insult women. meaning: generally un-clean, a bit sketty and very kinky.
"oh my god, she is so Grimey!"


"hey check out that girl over there"
"wow, i can just tell she is very grimey."
by Pixie Rushmoor May 31, 2009
To just do something dirty. Especially with a lady.
Zack that was grimey as fuck when you asked pulled out that girls titties on the dance floor and started sucking on em.
by Bryson Cramer February 15, 2009
black term for wicked, dirty, nyce, filthy, can be used in a positive note
"g my ((P)) farms are all grimey an shit"
by Expo May 09, 2003
if u r at a party and u get someone in trouble involving the police or parents you are grimey
You got him bopped? wow you are grimey
by jakywillk45 October 10, 2007
ghetto style or behavior
dat boi was going on grimey
by choong ting November 27, 2003
ay kid you aitn took a shower in 3 days...damn u grimey
by christina September 07, 2003

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