adjective used to describe filthy dirty dubstep music.
Person 1: What's that music you're listening
Person 2: I'm listening to that grimey shitt.
by Mr. Plush May 26, 2010
something that is dirty beyond thought
"wow bro, that broad is grimey"
by Tokesss September 10, 2009
a person who constantly gropes girls out of his league.
Dammm Grimey, quit groping that chick. She wants nothing to do with your small beefstick.
by JTD February 23, 2005
1. Something that is Heavy ill phat or wicked usually a tune

2. Derived from the term grime. A style of UK Garage music.
That track is grimey!
by Lee Rees January 20, 2004
The nickname of someone with the last name Grimes.
Here lies Frank Grimes or as his friends like to call him, Grimey.
Grimey Self Made Man Springfield Cemetery Kent's People
by Rick "Grimey" Grimes April 13, 2015
Mean, wrong, hurtful, rude..
Person 1: "Ugh, that girl is so ugly I don't know how her boyfriend can stand lookin at her every day."

Person 2: "Dang! That is real grimey, dude."
by February 18, 2010
very dirty or disgusting
"yo that bathroom is grimey!!"
by babygirl March 26, 2004

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