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a word used to say something is disgusting or bad tasting
that indian curry was grimey
by natster September 21, 2005
filthy dirty.. used as an adjective
I keep my shit grimey klean. (like filthy clean)
by SMiL3z September 18, 2005
It can mean anything you want it to. But usually means somithing bad, discusting, or gross.
Damn, that chicks vagina was mad grimey.It had the grimiest smell and looked like a bulldog eating mayonaise while watching the grimiest T.V show while somebody is taping with his grimey new camcorder which he got from that grimey store Wal-Mart on a really grimey day in October while wearing a grimey T-shirt and in Wal-Mart he saw a grimey person trying to steal some oranges which were very grimey. (Jake says this fuckin word way to much because he is a very grimey person.Go to hell Jake you grimey dude.)
by TheguywhohatesJake3 May 25, 2005
gross and dirty,discusting,filthy,grungy,
eww grimey max didnt wash his greasy hair for a week....neither did samara.
by 2 dolla whore March 29, 2005
Old-latin term originating from Hunter and his Poker, Legends and Maddenizing cheese-play.
Male 1: Dammit, he freakin' reversed another one.

Hunter: I just learn the game quick.

Male 2: That's just grimey.

Male 1: I agree

by Josh R July 03, 2004
a nigga who be doing a his girl wrong
that nigga grimey as hell for dissing his girl
by hunni June 09, 2004
Something described as cheap (in both senses of the word), bad quality, or bad taste... or someone who just plain sucks.
"C'mon, man. Gimmie five dollars. No? Deng yo... yo grimey as hell!"
by Mike F January 20, 2004