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Working midnight shifts
I hate my graveyard shift as a security person.
by Quyen Chau December 08, 2004
A work shift that runs from Midnight to 8 AM.
Hey man, I can't go out with you guys tonight. I'm workin' the graveyard shift.
by some dude February 16, 2005
a working shift that begins at midnight or 2 AM
I don't think I would have enough energy to stay awake during a graveyard shift.
by Light Joker July 08, 2005
to work overnight, to work at midnight ending at sunrise.
i worked graveyard shift at fedex for 2 years
by skaterjack October 05, 2006
The worst shift to work; one must work through the night while tired and bored as fuck.
John: You comin' to the party tomorrow night?
Mike: Nah, I got the graveyard shift.
John: Ouch, sorry man.
by boreda August 08, 2012
Staying up all night playing Bioshock 2, usually requires resting up.
Reuben took a nap so he would be able to make it through the graveyard shift.
by nictron February 11, 2010
An underground rap group from Cleveland, OH
and also members of the rap group "Mo' Thugs"

Group includes:
Sin, Tombstone, Gates and Lil Boo
But unfotunatly Lil boo was shot during a drive-by shooting in Cleveland, OH
Lil Boo is mentioned in the song "The Crossroads" By Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
"Your live with the Bone Thugs, Poetic Hustlas and the Graveyard Shift on the first" - Layzie Bone
by KeZzAnz June 18, 2007
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