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Usually occurs during a conversation including 3 or more people, where one person says something offensive unknowingly about one of the other people there. As they try to explain themselves they 'dig' themselves further and further into a 'grave'. The bystander usually yells 'Graveyarding!', or 'You're in the graveyard!' to let the offender know what's going on.
Person A is wearing a shirt by X brand
Person B does not realise and says 'I really hate X brand'
Person A reacts shocked/offended
Person B still has no clue....then finds out by person A's body language or a side comment made by person C
Person B attempts to retract what he/she said but doesn't work because the way he/she really feels has already been revealed
Person C says "Graveyarding"
Person B is embarrassed
Person A is offended/embarrassed
by valefor91 March 22, 2010