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An idiot. Someone who fucks up all the time and never succeeds in life. Deemer's generally fail at life, over and over again, yet never realize it.
"Hey man, I heard Mackenzie got pregnant again, even after she took 9 weeks of that Abstinence course."
"What a deemer!"
by Connor Dui April 16, 2008
slang for 5-meo-DMT

a drug which is freebased in a manner similar to cocaine or crack, however which produces a 15-30 minute hallucinogenic experience which might be compared to having an entire 12 hour acid trip on lsd-25 crammed into those 30 minutes.

it is common in the parking lots of certain bands frequented by hippies.
i took such a huge hit of deemerz it was like i was on 100 nitrous balloons for the next 15 minutes d00d... all i could hear was bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz, it was great! but tell me - how many times did i puke on myself?
by vincent black shadow March 06, 2005
Somebody who has a deep obsession with midget porn.
Andy: I've not seen Paul for a long time
Ross: He's locked himself in his room with a terabyte of midget porn.
Andy: What a deemer
by MrPlow77 January 06, 2012
An individual with an often mysterious past. Half of the time people assume it is because he has nothing going on. The other half of the time they believe he is some sort of superman because of everything he seems to have his hand in.

Either he is a complete sham, or a completely unique individual.
Guy A: "Dude, how the fuck did Deemer win the awards for physical fitness, intelligence, and aptitude?"
Guy (but usually Girl) B: "I don't know man, he's probably just a solid guy."
Guy A: "I think he's cheating."
Guy/ Girl B: *to themself* "At least he doesn't need to compensate for something by being jealous."
by Who posted this? January 26, 2012
When something awful happens, which keeps you from having a sexual encounter for your first time, repeatedly. Can also be used to desribe sexual encounters not involved with your first time, but in which you still get so close then something happens preventing it.
"She asked me if I wanted to get head or smoke the bowl first. I said the bowl, so we stepped outside, and the door accidently locked behind us. We spent the rest of the night trying to get in. I never got head...looks like I pulled a Deemer"
by Shaunmark February 13, 2005
Exaggeration of the syllables in "Dime". Synonym for Dimebag. Also said as "Deem".
"That mofacky scored a Deemer of Dro!"
"Hell yes!"
by Pajewjew January 14, 2006
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