Your guy neighbor with a saggy ass who tries to act cool but he's not.
My neighbor is a saggy assed grandma.
by Dezzie Fezzie Bo Bezzie July 10, 2008
A little old woman depicted in cartoons as a hunchbacked russian with wrinkly skin and white hair up in a bun with remarkably tiny glasses and complains to his husband about every damn thing, often bakes cookies.
Grandmas are really old.
by Skin-Nerd July 19, 2005
A Mercury Grand Marquis. It's what Ford calls it, which is appropriate because most of the people who buy them are old geezers suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and can't drive to save their lives.
Grand Ma.
Forida plates.
Handicaped tag hanging from a mirror.
If it drove any slower, it would be going backwards
by Federalq2b June 09, 2005
(interjection) Used in exasperation, boredom, happiness, or surprise.
by Grandson November 08, 2004
i have a grandma, she talks about beef and beans. shes from pennsylvania and says "warsh" instead of wash. grandmas are old ??
me "yo bl00d my grandma is from pennsylvania"
bl00d "my grandma is from canada, such as i, and she adopted a black child"
by bl00d September 21, 2008
Short for the liquor Grand Marnier.
I'll take two shots of Grandma please.

I can't get the taste of Grandma out of my nouth.
by Ryan Robertson March 07, 2005
a woman who knits a lot, and wears cardingans every day.

grandma jewlery is a must. and they must know how to sew.

often picked on by others for being such a grandma.

usually grandmas are amandas.

grandmas love to make seductive and sexy faces.

grandmas usually have no friends.
omg that grandma is such a loser and she has no friends.

look at that grandma.
by poopie1223445559999 January 05, 2011
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