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Hick-slang: To wash
Dang ol need to warsh them there socks.
by Ragnar October 23, 2002
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How people on the Jerry Springer show say "wash" and don't know any better.
"Wash" rhymes with "Posh" and "Mosh," not "Harsh" or "Marsh" or how Goofy says "Gosh" which is "Garsh!"
If you think the way to pronounce wash is warsh, then you've been brainwarshed.
#wash #warsh #jerry springer #there's no r in that word #rednecks #white trash
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009
A verb used to express the act of washing, or "warshing;" a southern take on the verb to wash.
I warshed myself in the bathtub last night.
by LiLRicky97 January 09, 2016
To "wash" without actually washing.
Maw: Wash your hands young man!
Kid: But there's no soap!
Maw: Then warsh 'em.
#wash #hick #hillbilly #soap #water
by spacecoyote17 November 14, 2006
St. Louisan for "wash".
I'm going to warsh my car.

Warshington University is in St. Louis.
by redhed311 April 11, 2005
There is a large amount of idiots who say warsh because they are of the hick-billy nation. See laurie preston
Has anyone warshed their clothes?
I need to warsh the dishes!
Hey, you warsh your mouth when your talking to me!
Don't make me spread my dick warsh on you!

What the fuck really is warsh?

Warsh is a fucking shit lame word that only cunt ass fucks use. See laurie preston
#warsh u #warsh 2 #warsh the fuck #warsh your mouth #warsh the car #warsh your face #warsh is a gay ass word
by andwhogotitthisguy February 05, 2014
Mento Mento Mento Mento
Mento: "Hot Suds Car waRsh"

Hey Jimmy how bout u go waRsh the dog.

After we started saying waRsh, mento says waaaaaaaaaash
by Frank December 17, 2004
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