a term to be used in sarcasm. when one truly doesn't care about what is being said. it can also be used to define one's mood; a person isn't doing great nor sad, one is content and neutral.
Jo: "i got a new dog!"
Cynthia: "that's grand"

it is used in the context of that's nice, but i really don't care or i care but not enough to elaborate.
by Techia March 12, 2005
Top Definition
and G

one thousand dollars
I paid 20 grand for that truck and now it's ruined.
by Light Joker March 09, 2005
fine, alright, okay. slightly more affirmative than the aforementioned depending on the tone in which it is delivered. widespread usage in ireland within all classes with perhaps the exception of politicians and the highly priviliged.
howrya man havent seen ya in a good while? as sure im grand, not a bother on me
by bud November 05, 2003
Ah. I see you're new to slang.

Grand: $1,000
Idiot poker star: I just lost 10 grand to a bluffer tonight!
Friend: Harsh.
by Sean Ryan February 07, 2007
Something that Vincent Castronovo Jr. is. Best word to use. It means AMAZING, DELIGHTFUL, or just OVERALL GREAT. It's a better form of great. Us GRANDerz use it all the time. Vincent Castronovo Jr, Bianca Castronovo, and Alessandra Castronovo are all founders of the word GRAND.
Oh my god, that book is so GRAND!
by Rachel Castronovo September 11, 2011
adjective: Magnificent, wonderful, very good or of exceptionally high quality. As a result of an ingrained cultural cynicism and suspicion of that which purports to be very good, the Irish use this word to mean 'okay', or 'ordinary'.
Irishman 1: Was the drive here alright?
Irishman 2: Ah yeah, it was grand.
Irishman 1: So, how was the skydive last week?
Irishman 2: Ah it was grand too.
by JohnSpectre September 06, 2014
Grandchildren, abbreviation for.
“So, how old are your grands now?”

“Five and seven. Ya, y' know they're pert’ near too grow'd up to hire out for chimney sweeps.”

“Tsk. Chawnel, that’s just terrible! You’re not serious.”

“Probly not.”
by PJMac August 21, 2012
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