A street name for Heroin. Popular in the Varrios of LA
I know where to cop some good "gow".
by Scottdawg October 30, 2005
lie: as in to lie or a lie. To "gow someone out" is to be lying, esp. in good humour. A "gow artist" is someone who often lies.
I did your mum
Are you gowing me?
by Harry Em November 06, 2005
yet another name for the wacky tabacky.
hey dude, do you have any gow? i'm jonesing for a hit of that hippy crack.
by totolehero April 19, 2005
Gay. Or a gay Person

Comes from the Person that orginated anal sex Taylor Gow
God, that guy thats hangs around here looking at the guys is sucka Gow.
by Danny D February 20, 2005
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