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Unexpectedly good.
"How did you like the Justin Bieber movie?'

"You know, I hate t'say it, but sawright."
by Bootie November 21, 2012
Twit, fool, idiot, goof.
"How did Alex get all those scratches on his face?"
"He tried to give his cat a bath."
"Really? What a fuckduddle!"
by Bootie November 24, 2012
Really, really drunk.
I was so gowed that I don't remember anything after midnight.
by Bootie November 21, 2012
Finished, and done well, in an Aussie sorta way. Easily completed. No problem to do.
There you have it, sport, bingo bango wingo wango. Couldn't be easier!
by Bootie November 21, 2012
A pile of shit. Something tedious or troubling.
This assignment is pure shemunga! I have no idea what the prof wants.
by Bootie September 28, 2012
to look extremly sexy
ben: OH stephanie your looking very purple
by bootie April 23, 2008

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