another way to say go! or run! in an enthusiastic manner.
by asdf66667878 August 05, 2011
Chat with a friend or friends over a glass of wine.
"We're going over to Theresa's house for a gow. Want to come?"
by Shenandoah May 06, 2010
Gow are little gnomish like people which live in creeks of small towns. They are easy to spot when induced in a "Shroom" high.
Joe : Frank! Wanna go gow hunting?!
Frank : Yeah man lets go!
Joe : First, eat these magical shrooms to see them!
Frank : Ok man!
Joe : Yeah! Drug free for life!
by Trae Bagoral May 24, 2009
something that perks you up and keeps you "fly'n", can be used as a verb noun and adjetive.
I.E.. Coffee, Meth, cocaine,

"lets get gowed"
"do you want a cup-a-gow"
"Did you see johnny when he was gowing that night"
by The Guggenmos February 01, 2010
means something bad
person 1: i just got robbed for my stuff

person 2: GOW!!!
by lewis200292 April 10, 2009
the abreaveation for the best online game EVA which is gears of war
yo lets play some GoW on xbox live!
by mario man7171 May 05, 2008
abbr. for gods of war
gow ownage 4ever
by admin July 25, 2003

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