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Australian slang for what you call someone when they act like a slut.
look at andrew, he's such a gou.
by tasaaaaaaa June 12, 2010
Verb; to Gou, Gou'd, Gouing
-To defeat a hotshot opponent with contemptible ease, generally due to the loser's lack of skill.

-To lose at something, only to then threaten the winner with violence.
A: "You talk so much crap, and look at what happened."

B: "Shut up. I'll kick your ass irl!"

A: "If you're any good at fighting as you are at this, then you might hurt yourself."

C: " Lol dude! You got Gou'd!"
by Konaha February 28, 2011
n. Slang for male gentalia; penis.
Wow! look at the size of my gou!
by Marc January 04, 2003
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