Top Definition
Something extremely small and cute
That kitty is so smol.
by geese-teeth June 06, 2015
something or someone that is extremely small and just absolutely adorable.
harry styles is in love with a smol boy called louis tomlinson.
by larry stylinson af September 14, 2015
Small and cute.
Sometimes known as Kawaii or Kawaii Desu
Johnny: What a smol child!
by The universe is a hologram! December 26, 2015
Something extremely small and cute
Castiel is a Smol bean
by Hi I'm Jeff February 28, 2016
tumblr's way of saying "small"
awwwhhhh precious child so smol i must protect this gem
by smolpotato March 22, 2016
Someone or something that is small but in Tumblr speak.
*pats someone who is short* You beautiful smol.
by welcometo221b July 24, 2016
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