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A way of referring to a man's penis and testicles.
Wife: Honey, I'm making chicken and potatoes for dinner tonight.

Husband: Hot damn!
by ladeeda777 August 07, 2011
A piece of advice that most men have missed because Sunday School teachers are mostly women. Another word for God, my ass! The word really means, "Go SHHH!" when they are speaking too much to allow you to write.
Woman: Yakka, yakka, yakka.

Man: By gosh, SHHHHHHHHH!
by ladeeda777 November 01, 2011
Philadelphia is a very old, historical city (by North American standards) located in the Northeast region of the United States. Ironically, its name means "The City of Brotherly Love," but its residents whose families have occupied the city for generations are so rude and nasty that people were actively fleeing the city for decades, causing massive population loss. According to the recent census, however, the city has gained in population due to both international immigration and migration from the way-too-expensive suburbs. The newly-arrived people are very nice and friendly, yet they have to watch their backs around native Philadelphians.
Have you been to Philadelphia? The townies are really mean!
by ladeeda777 August 20, 2011
The word that has come to replace she/her, used by clever, college-educated men around a woman to make sexist jokes about it without its knowledge. The situation arose in response to way too many crazy feminist elementary, middle and high school teachers who allowed young women to make constant, overt sexist jokes about men in the classroom, but who would practically pull their own hair out while threatening repercussions if a young man said anything sexist about women. Some women have caught on and have, in turn, tried to apply the word to men, but it's really obvious when it does.
It: Hey, guys. Want to go to a movie?

Man 1: Sure! Have you seen (movie title)?

Man 2: Yeah! I have.

Man 1: What do you think about it?

Man 2: It's funky, but I wouldn't pay to see it in a theater. I'd rather watch it at home where I can kick back with my shoes off.

It (trembling, not knowing why): So, you don't want to go to the movies?
by ladeeda777 August 15, 2011
"What time are you open till?" is a seemingly innocent question posed to unsuspecting retail and restaurant workers. The question "opens them up" to all the shit the customer wants to throw at them, and generally ruins their day because they are thenceforth opened to everyone who comes into the store. Basically, they are bottoms until closing time because they equated themselves mentally with the store, which everybody is coming inside.
Customer: What time are you open till?

Waitress: The restaurant closes at 11.

Customer: You didn't answer my question!

Waitress: I know!
by ladeeda777 August 17, 2011
The strategy women employ to divide men. They pump up the tall guy's ego in front of the small guy by implying that, by virtue of being tall, he has a big penis. The short man, intimidated by being towered over already and degraded by the woman's implication that he has a small penis, then ignores and hates anyone taller than him, and becomes a groveling, jealousy-filled woman worshiper, never realizing that tall guys are usually nice and genuinely like to see the short guys look up at them.
Tall man- short man At a fast food restaurant, almost every transaction...

Short man to tall cashier: One small soda.

Short man's woman: They have a bigger size!

Short man, dejected: I'll take the large one, then. *SIGH*
by ladeeda777 August 18, 2011

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