Top Definition
Work. Often hard work and often involving some muscle or physical effort
by drl May 22, 2003
Work. Can be physical or mental.
That was hard yakka, eh ?
by Bozza November 21, 2003
The accent if you're from County Durham also known as Pitmatic
Eeee you're propa Yakka you
by MrKnowItAll_14 January 25, 2015
An exclamation one would make after seeing big boobs.
*Girl with massive boobs walks by.*
Dude two: Yakka!
Dude one: Couldn't have said it better myself.
by ThefirstBhudda February 22, 2011
The sound a basketball makes as it rips through the net on a deep shot beyond the three-point line.
Ray Allen dropped in a big yakka from 26 feet to put the Sonics up by 20.
by Millertime January 31, 2005
Hitting an object very far.
I yakkaed the ball over the green.
Get Yakka!!!
by bo's August 07, 2005
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