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a description of something that is gooey and drippy.

a word invented by my kids
there is wallpaper glue on the floor, you step in it, it is goopy.
by naomi January 03, 2004
From polish word glupi (silent L) meaning stupid
after smoking a joint dave felt very goopy
by cornerstone May 22, 2008
(adj.) a term used to describe a person. typically a person who is unattractive and mildly "magoo-looking"; "Beans" (aka Stephen Anthony Lawrence) from the Disney show "Evens Stevens" is an example of an individual who is goopy
"You're interested in THAT guy? He's kind of goopy looking"
by tek33 November 09, 2008
the feeling in your stomach when you really like someone... the butterflies in your stomach that feel like their trying to burst out.
When I think about him, i feel all goopy.
by Retroclassic January 15, 2006
Covered with semen (or any white, slippery/sticky fluid purporting to resemble semen, such as whipped cream, frosting or hand lotion).
"All the scenes in that porn movie have goopy endings."
by Jenna Nugent February 27, 2005
Originally comes from the word "droopy" it means extremely attractive and good looking. Although droopy means tired, sad, and lazy, the change in the "dr" and "g" change its meaning completely.

Personal Note: Do not use this word unless you say it, understand its meaning, and believe that who you are saying it to is in fact goopy
A good looking person
An attractive male/female
by Fredrick Slater August 29, 2003
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