1. may be a word to replace hater or trick in a conversation
2.a mushroom like creature from the early levels of the popular Nintendo platformer, Mario brothers
man 1- dude you gotta lemme listen to yo ipod beezy
man 2-bitch you don't know my life
man 1- damn breh you a prick-ass goomba
man 2- youre a retarded prick-ass mark beezy
by Forrestobalmano May 10, 2009
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Those weak enemies from Super Mario Brothers that walk in one direction and moves another direction when it bumps into something.
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
An Italian American, and only an Italian America, who has ties with the mafia or any goodfellas. He is in no way a gangster or a mobster himself. He sits down eating only pasta wearing vinyl suits and massive jewelry
Oh christ, look at Joe Pesci that goomba!
by Daro September 01, 2003
1: a weak enemy in almost all Mario Games. Have tendancies to die when pressure is applyed to the head.
2:An ethnic slurr for italian americans
1: goomba. jump on its friggin head
2:Fat tony, the "mobster" is such a friggin goomba
by ProfessorDollar99 November 20, 2003
Goomba is the phonetic spelling of the term "cumpà", which is the way people from Southern Italy used to pronounce the word "compare", that is "godfather". From the original sense it was gradually extended to mean a friend, a partner, etc.
hey, goomba, what about a glass of wine?
by Francesco from Italy October 01, 2006
Derived from Italian, meaning close friend, or accomplice, mentor. Actually spelled Goombah.
He was a goombah to me.
by Goom-ba November 03, 2003
Taken from an Italian word meaning friend, the word is mostly used today as insulting term for Italian-Americans. By calling someone a Goomba, you are implying that they have ties to the mafia.

An Italian New Yorker with greased back hair carrying a baseball bat saying "Hey Tony, get a load of Sammy Sosa over here!" to ever black person that walks past him may be called a Goomba.
This fucking Goomba better get out of here because I ain't giving him any money.
by wwwwwww jr. September 02, 2005
Walking mushrooms from the Mario games.Jump on their head and they die.
"Bep boop bep boop" is the noise that a Goomba's feet make.It's funny.
by TheWiggidy April 13, 2004

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