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A fat, black cat with dandruff.
Goomba: A-Gooooom-baaaaaaaaaa!
by AmyGayheart May 27, 2010
3 7
A word used as an adj/noun/verb that has negative conotations
Sol is the biggest goomba I have ever seen.
Sol is the definition of goomba.
by David Suniffer February 23, 2008
8 12
Italian origin, a goomba refers to an Italian from the rural portions of the country - usually from the south of Italy. Derogatory in nature, it carries the same concept as pig-farmer.
"Eh, regardarla pigra goomba!"
by Davis Centis March 19, 2005
32 36
A person who faps much.
Hey! Stop being such an goomba
by antonsasf August 28, 2009
6 11
Some who is with you, but no one really wants him/her to be there.
Chase! Your such a goomba, no one likes you. Leave.
by Microwavable Jew July 01, 2009
4 9
goombas are clusters of kids that don't fit into any clan or click in school and they cluster togather because there odd and weird
watch out for the goombas they might eat your brain
by adam chenail February 12, 2009
4 9
a derogatory term for an italian

can also be spelled goombah
I am a goomba
by Joe February 11, 2003
29 35