Someone that's really stupid or dumb
by ITZYOGURLKHIZZZZZY January 16, 2012
New age slang word for magic mushrooms.
-I am tripping the fuck out on these goombas and shit.
by Blownbitch87231 December 24, 2008
In pop culture this word has been used to describe stereotypical guido italian-americans.

However, for traditional italian-americans, especially those around federal hill, this word derogatorily refers to a male that a girl is cheating with on her boyfriend/husband. This is a slightly more narrow definition, but can be extended as a generally negative term to use against italian american males
1- i hear your wife is cheating on you with that goomba

2- what you mean that spaccone??
by little_italy_fedhill August 05, 2011
(slang) a term for a person who is acting stupidly or makes an error in judgement.
Kyllene, you are being a complete goomba right now.
by ksmash September 13, 2010
The most awesome character in mario or any game in the WORLD!!!

(the little, brown mushroom thing on mario)
I like goomba's so much
by Goombalove2 January 28, 2009
Just the fucking worst. A goomba is truly the dumbest, lamest, fucker you will ever meet. Completely worthless. The word can be used in a variety of ways:

Goomba maybe be used as a racial slur against the jews as well. Thank the lord because we can never have enough of those.
Look at those goombas over there, they are stealing from the temple!
by The True Goomba Killer February 19, 2011
1. may be a word to replace hater or trick in a conversation
2.a mushroom like creature from the early levels of the popular Nintendo platformer, Mario brothers
man 1- dude you gotta lemme listen to yo ipod beezy
man 2-bitch you don't know my life
man 1- damn breh you a prick-ass goomba
man 2- youre a retarded prick-ass mark beezy
by Forrestobalmano May 10, 2009

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