A Goomba, best known for being the little mushroom guys on super mario brothers has in fact grown to become more than just a description for a sideways walking creature. Everyone has seen a Goomba walk before their very eyes as they pass them on the street or at school but they just didn't know it at the time. A Goomba is one who despite looking normal (or not) does something that annoys you or is just a really awkward person to be around resulting in you calling them a "Goomba." It can also be used to say such phrases as, "Goomba, Goomba," just out of pure pleasure.
"Wow, he is definately a goomba."
by Akbham April 28, 2008
Someone who shamelessly does stupid/gross things.
"Tyler let a stinker loose during his presentation, what a goomba!"
by goombaclot April 15, 2014
A fat/ugly girl who appears "attractive" over a social media site's pictures; i.e. Instagram, facebook, myspace, etc, and is ugly or doesn't look anything like the picture in real person.
Ian: Samira looked HOT on her profile picture on Facebook, but when I met her yesterday, she was a fat goomba dude!
Jesse: You gotta watch out for those goombas man! They're everywhere playing tricks on us n' shit.
by iButteryassmondays October 03, 2012
(slang) a term for a person who is acting stupidly or makes an error in judgement.
Kyllene, you are being a complete goomba right now.
by ksmash September 13, 2010
The most awesome character in mario or any game in the WORLD!!!

(the little, brown mushroom thing on mario)
I like goomba's so much
by Goombalove2 January 28, 2009
A fat, black cat with dandruff.
Goomba: A-Gooooom-baaaaaaaaaa!
by AmyGayheart May 27, 2010
1. may be a word to replace hater or trick in a conversation
2.a mushroom like creature from the early levels of the popular Nintendo platformer, Mario brothers
man 1- dude you gotta lemme listen to yo ipod beezy
man 2-bitch you don't know my life
man 1- damn breh you a prick-ass goomba
man 2- youre a retarded prick-ass mark beezy
by Forrestobalmano May 10, 2009

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