A term for a short fat brown male.
Stan: "Watch out! Don't let that goomba see you. You might make it angry."
Ricardo: "No dude, don't worry, i've got mad ups and could use some spare change."
#mario #brown #ups #hops #goombah
by (bobott) April 23, 2015
A trending graffiti name, started in CT and has continued to be seen in neighboring areas of NYC and Boston. Named after the super mario kart character, its simply a graffiti tag.
those goomba tags are lookin sweet in boston
#goombah #super mario kart #tag #ct #graffiti
by hiiyaaa March 20, 2012
can be used to describe anything

makes you sound like you know what your doing

and if you cant find a word for something throw it in there
have fun with it.
Yo check out that goomba at the bar.

dude some goomba was all up on my nuts last night.
im about to goomba on that bitch.
#goomba #hot girl #ugly girl #hater #hoes
by Markitooo March 13, 2010
A small, brown, mushroom like creature that resides only in the Mushroom Kingdom. Most are minions of Bowser but some have become renigade goombas (as seen in paper mario) they are underrated and should rise up and star in there own video game and destroy bowser once and for all. They only die when a fatass jumps on there head or if there set ablaze by a crazy pyro mother fucker
Mario: Oh look Luigi a goomba.
Luigi: Lets kill it Mario!
Mario and Luigi jump on goomba and kill it
#mario #luigi #bowser #mushroom kingdom #pyro #koopa
by Brook Park Runner October 17, 2008
Someone that's really stupid or dumb
#stupid #dumb #still dumb #really dumb #brown mushroom on mario
by ITZYOGURLKHIZZZZZY January 16, 2012
In pop culture this word has been used to describe stereotypical guido italian-americans.

However, for traditional italian-americans, especially those around federal hill, this word derogatorily refers to a male that a girl is cheating with on her boyfriend/husband. This is a slightly more narrow definition, but can be extended as a generally negative term to use against italian american males
1- i hear your wife is cheating on you with that goomba

2- what you mean that spaccone??
#goombah #goomba #spaccone #italian-american #guido
by little_italy_fedhill August 05, 2011
New age slang word for magic mushrooms.
-I am tripping the fuck out on these goombas and shit.
#goombas #shrooms #magic #mushrooms #psychedelics
by Blownbitch87231 December 24, 2008
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