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A trending graffiti name, started in CT and has continued to be seen in neighboring areas of NYC and Boston. Named after the super mario kart character, its simply a graffiti tag.
those goomba tags are lookin sweet in boston
by hiiyaaa March 20, 2012
can be used to describe anything

makes you sound like you know what your doing

and if you cant find a word for something throw it in there
have fun with it.
Yo check out that goomba at the bar.

dude some goomba was all up on my nuts last night.
im about to goomba on that bitch.
by Markitooo March 13, 2010
A small, brown, mushroom like creature that resides only in the Mushroom Kingdom. Most are minions of Bowser but some have become renigade goombas (as seen in paper mario) they are underrated and should rise up and star in there own video game and destroy bowser once and for all. They only die when a fatass jumps on there head or if there set ablaze by a crazy pyro mother fucker
Mario: Oh look Luigi a goomba.
Luigi: Lets kill it Mario!
Mario and Luigi jump on goomba and kill it
by Brook Park Runner October 17, 2008
Just the fucking worst. A goomba is truly the dumbest, lamest, fucker you will ever meet. Completely worthless. The word can be used in a variety of ways:

Goomba maybe be used as a racial slur against the jews as well. Thank the lord because we can never have enough of those.
Look at those goombas over there, they are stealing from the temple!
by The True Goomba Killer February 19, 2011
A fat/ugly girl who appears "attractive" over a social media site's pictures; i.e. Instagram, facebook, myspace, etc, and is ugly or doesn't look anything like the picture in real person.
Ian: Samira looked HOT on her profile picture on Facebook, but when I met her yesterday, she was a fat goomba dude!
Jesse: You gotta watch out for those goombas man! They're everywhere playing tricks on us n' shit.
by iButteryassmondays October 03, 2012
A Goomba, best known for being the little mushroom guys on super mario brothers has in fact grown to become more than just a description for a sideways walking creature. Everyone has seen a Goomba walk before their very eyes as they pass them on the street or at school but they just didn't know it at the time. A Goomba is one who despite looking normal (or not) does something that annoys you or is just a really awkward person to be around resulting in you calling them a "Goomba." It can also be used to say such phrases as, "Goomba, Goomba," just out of pure pleasure.
"Wow, he is definately a goomba."
by Akbham April 28, 2008
Someone who shamelessly does stupid/gross things.
"Tyler let a stinker loose during his presentation, what a goomba!"
by goombaclot April 15, 2014