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Acxidentaly peeing in the person giving the blumpkins mouth
Shit Sally Eric totally just gave me a golden blumpkin
#blumpkin #golden #suck #dick #pee
by Gino L. July 06, 2006
To receive oral sex on the crapper while taking a deuce...upon completion, you finish off the filthy filthy whore of a slut with a nice shower of urine in her disease ridden oral cock holster. Don't forget to piss anywhere and everywhere else in her immediate vacinity. P.S. no flushing at any time!!!
Nobody can ever really experience what life has to offer until they receive the golden blumpkin from an old lady w/ no teeth. ; >O. Blame the thizz for this one...Thizz or Die....T.I.P. Love, Donkey
#blumpkin #thizz #blumkin #golden shower #filthy filthy whore of a slut #cock holster
by DankOregon March 28, 2009
When the dirty hoe giving a blumpkin cant keep her man hard and devours a spouting stream of spicy lemon juice instead succulent special sauce.
my shit went limp mid bj and Whoopi got herself a "golden blumpkin"
#golden shower #blumpkin #cock bidet #j. poopissa #poopee
by j.p dila July 29, 2009
the time during your blumpkin when your done taking the crap so whether or not its still ocuring the person giving it will receive a golden shower......but its mainly in their mouth/on their face.
I heard he gave her a golden blumpkin thats why they broke up.
#golden #shower #blumpkin #tyler #nolan #chris
by tophieCC March 11, 2010
Blumpkin To pee all over your lovers chest before you sit down to recieve your blumpkin.
With the accent of DR Evil from Austin Powers.

you dirty boy, I charge you one golden blumpkin for use of my "LAZER"
#blow #blow job #head #blumpkin #slanker
by Bobby / B- Rad January 05, 2007
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