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Gas Blowback is a function equipped on weapons which operates with help of gas and shots 6 millimeter ammunition. The word "Gas Blowback" means that the slide repeats between each rounds when the weapon fires.
GBB: Gas Blowback pistol. (Soft Air Gun)
by Tompa August 06, 2006
Acronym for Gay Black Bestie, a best friend who happens to be gay and black.
Hey, Cooper, I didn't know you were gay.
I guess now you are my G.B.B.

WTF does -that- mean?

It means you're my gay black bestie!

by MC World January 04, 2009
gay big brother
oh he's my gbb (gay big brother). he taught me how to bottom
by it's like saying "i love you" January 02, 2012
GBB Green Bottle Blue,chromatopelma cyanopubescens; a species of tarantula.
None GBB
by Person that likes stuff November 26, 2009
1 N. A device composed of a marijuana rolled cigarillo, or blunt, placed into the socket top of an aquatic gravity bong.

GGB= Gravity Bong Blunt

2. V. The act of inhaling the vapors of a marijuana filled blunt released from a gravity bong device.
1. Hey dude I heard you had a sick GBB can I come over and hit your gravity bong blunt?

2. Yo dude I hear Amanada GBBed at that party last night. Oh! She grabbed black balls?

No dude! She Gravity Bong Blunted!
by R Tini April 03, 2010
get broadband

(said to annoying people on dial up who insist on downloading lossless audio files at 5kbps for days on end)
D: hey beebs, can i get some flac?
B: gbb you tosser
by david July 08, 2004
Grabbed by the balls.
A: Dude, she made me watch a Walk to Remember instead of pr0n.
B: HA! Man, you've got a case of GBB!
A: Damn.
by greenchief February 01, 2006
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