Word that you frequently confuse with "duty," particularly when you hear it on radio and TV, that causes you to laugh.
Newscaster: "It was his third tour of doody."

Interviewer: "So how long did you sit on jury doody?"

Saloon Keeper: "Did your bullet kill him, sheriff?"
Sheriff: "It was my doody!"
by Creedmoor April 23, 2006
when you poo a lot after you have had exotic food
because of the mexican food i ate i have to make doodies
by billy regan January 27, 2005
Someone who is always messing up and can't do anything right. Also an annoying sibling. Pronounced DOOdy.
Person 1: Oh no! I forgot to add flour to the bread!
Person 2: Ya DOODY!

(Walking down the street)
Person 1: Oh no! I just realized I'm not wearing any shoes!
Person 2: You're such a DOODY!
by PERRRSON February 19, 2015
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