Giggle Out Loud(instead of using LOL use GOL to make the conversation more live instead of just the same over used LOL)
GOL your dork.
wow i dont think i would ever do that GOL
by Mikayla Fronapfel October 16, 2007
Top Definition
"groaned out loud", in response to either 1) a pun that was intending for a groan, or 2) a bad joke
"Why can't you hear the pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the p is silent."

by The Runs February 24, 2013
abbv. G.O.L. means Giggle Out Loud

For use when something is crudely funny or not quite to the standard of lol
Jacob: Dude your fly's undone
Other guy: *embarrassed face*

Jacob: gol
by Jacob Rigby August 22, 2009
Giggle Out Loud. Simply because people don't really Laugh Out Loud anymore.

Other variations such as GMAO, GMFAO, ROFGMFAO, and others exist as well.
Chanelle: Hey look at this funny picture!
Me: GOL.
by ripneopets August 26, 2010
The Spanish word for goal.
Properly used in the context of a game winning shot in football, one would pronounce the word gol thusly: "Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool!"
by gutmoburb June 21, 2006
Giggle out loud
Rikki gol'd
by derrrrrick July 06, 2013
GOL: Something that makes you mildly chuckle out loud!!(Giggle Out Loud)
Boy: You are so pretty! Girl: Ah schucks your making me GOL
Boy: you are so pretty! Girl: Ah schucks your making me GOL!! lol giggle laugh
by gol4444 April 22, 2011
the word gol may be the spanish word for goal, but in english it means: to "gasp out loud" which happens when someone is, surprised beyond words.
-yo i heard that sarah cheated on josh.
-gol!...wow, didn't see that one coming.
by golsta January 21, 2008

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