It stands for "giggling out loud" and it is used when something actually makes you giggle, unlike the over used and over abused term lol
A: Omg today the fire alarm went off while I was in the shower
B: GOL, too funny!
by noodle doodle oodle November 19, 2009
means to Giggle out loud. specifically used during text, chat or IMing,or blog comments. only to be used if you actually giggle . not to be included with expressions of gross overuse including but not limited to- lol/lmao/rofl.

the lesser form of COL(cackle out loud).
an extra fabulous expression for online flirting.

can also in context mean giggling out loud (see example #3)
while chatting online if i read something especially funny i often GOL(giggle out loud).
1. that wasn't quite COL(cackle out loud) funny, but i did GOL(giggle out loud).
2.I had to GOL at that blog post.
3.when he fell on his ass on our date , i tried to avoid GOL(giggling out loud).

by crazymamaof6 February 29, 2008
G.O.L. - Giggle Out Loud
very much like lol, but giggling instead of laughing out loud
ChayPea: Boobies
Jonathonatron: gol
ChayPea: :P
Jonathonatron: =)
by ChayPea April 16, 2005
Grrr Out Loud. Used for when you are not "lol" (laughing out loud).
For when you are frustrated and need to let the other person on AIM or via text know.
"this day has just made me gol"
by Hope27 March 19, 2009
Giggle out loud - Giggling out loud.

A lot like LOL but not as well known - GOL is used properly... rather than a conversation fill which is what LOL is used as much more than it once was.

GOL is also like ROFL and LMAO, but you can't see someone Laughing My Ass Off - just not true - GOL is!
Bob: Today I was reading my texts and I freaking fell off the chair when I read one

John: GOL!!!
by FrenchKiss September 10, 2007
Giggle Out Loud. Just like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) but instead of laughing you are giggling GOL. You can even add a E to it and make it EGOL (Evil Gigging Out Loud)
When trying to flirt with someone through texting you type out a GOL and maybe add *wink* her and there
by Kiki.Pipe August 19, 2009
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