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a sexual act performed by two males. one male inserts his erect penis into the other males anus - cock and bum part of the scenario
whilst they both enjoy the sensations -the so called "fun" part of the scenario
"check them dirty homo's goin for a bit of cock and bum fun"

"mafanwee, i need cock and bum fun, but im the only gay in the village!"
by ChayPea March 18, 2005
One of the many terms used to describe a person of Pakistani/Indian origin. Usually used by racists.
"Check that dirty Jahv out over there"

"Fuck off back to ya own country you fucking jahv!"
by ChayPea March 18, 2005
G.O.L. - Giggle Out Loud
very much like lol, but giggling instead of laughing out loud
ChayPea: Boobies
Jonathonatron: gol
ChayPea: :P
Jonathonatron: =)
by ChayPea April 16, 2005

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