GOL (giggle out loud). It's the new LOL, it's sweeping the nation. Originating in England and central parts of Asia, it has finally made it's way over to the states. The kids love it.
1. (someone says something funny) GOL that is hilarious!

2. Jay "hey man you need to go to the dentist!"

James "GOL! yea tell me about it! smhsmh"
by Da Dentist July 25, 2011
Giggle Out Loud. An acronym used in text and facebook when you've tired of using LOL or it doesn't seem fitting.
That status made me GOL. You're so funny!
by FBW April 17, 2010
the word gol may be the spanish word for goal, but in english it means: to "gasp out loud" which happens when someone is, surprised beyond words.
-yo i heard that sarah cheated on josh.
-gol!...wow, didn't see that one coming.
by golsta January 21, 2008
GOL stands for grin out loud.
Used when someone has charmed you.

GOL differs from LOL. You aren't laughing, you're simply in awe, smiling, or melting.

GOL can also be during a flirtatious argument.
by w_p8100 April 03, 2010
Chat / text message terminology used for "Grr Out Loud"
People jumping out and scaring me makes me gol
by JasperJones5030 April 02, 2010
giggle out loud
Jimmy made my side hurt with his last text , but this one was a bit more on the tepid side so i responded with a still agreeable GOL.
by provider44 January 13, 2010
A chat speak term meaning Giggle Out Loud.
Nancy: "So then she called me a SLUT!"
Vicky: "GOL!"
by mandiluvpancakes December 08, 2008

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