A good band that has come a long way since their first album. They started as a tribute to Alice In Chains, and people bash them for it because of it even though it's actually pretty cool to do a tribute to such a band.

Unlike popular belief, Godsmack have more than one album, and none of their albums since "Godsmack" can be classified as Nu-Metal.
Have you noticed all the wannabe-hardcore posers that talk shit about Godsmack on teh internets without having even listened to their songs just because it makes them sound tough?
by MDude October 17, 2007
Top Definition
Although it is the name of a band and Alice In Chains song. The true meaning behind Godsmack is a heroin overdose.
Its scary but to godsmack may well be the best way to get to heaven.
by Grazmataz Christmas-tree December 02, 2004
1. Name of an Alice in Chains song from the album Dirt.
2. A band that tries their hardest to emulate Alice in Chains by copying their vocals, logo, sound, album cover, album name, and even their transition to accoustic sound. However, the despite all this, they strongly deny they got their name from the Alice in Chains song despite copying everything else from them.
We thought of Godsmack when I got a cold sore and Sully said God smacked you for saying that stuff about my mother. I thought it was a pretty good lie. We also told my mom the boogie man ate the cookies in the cookie jar.
by BRHEE August 22, 2006
A very successful and underrated heavy metal band from Boston, Massachusetts who sold over 8 million records. With 4 platinum albums, the band also holds the record (17 and counting) for most top 10 singles in active rock history. The band is wrongfully accused by many for ripping off Alice and Chains names, logos, and sound. However, anybody with any musical talent or knowledge can agree that this is not true. Godsmack is arguably the best live band out there today. The band has notably out performed bands such as Metallica and Motley Crue infront of live audiences. Godsmack consists of 4 members. Sully Erna guitar/vocals, Shannon Larkin/drums, Tony Rombola lead guitar/backup vocals, and Robbie Merill/bass.
I went to the Metallica concert last night. Godsmack opened for them completley and stole the show.

I left Cruefest 2 after Godsmack's set. No other band could measure up.
by Flaming Deuce January 07, 2010
Something that comes back to bite you in the ass. Karma if you will - like God has smacked you in the face with the very thing you fear, condemn, abuse or have been avoiding.
A womanizer has gotten a women pregnant and she's having a daughter. A godsmackthat he will have to forever live with - and keep guys like him away from his daughter.

A racist parent has son or daughter that marries and/or has a child with a person outside of their race. A godsmackthat they will have to accept in order to keep the peace with their child.

A person who is afraid of flying finally decides to go on a plane and dies in a plane crash. Fatal godsmack.
by RaCk75 March 30, 2009
1) To die of an overdose of drugs, typcially heroin.
2) In the tech industry, when karma pays back a system administrator (sysadmin) who generally thinks they are a computer god, by royally screwing up a computer with a simple task or software installation.
1) Jim Bo was a heavy user of heroin and he finally got godsmacked.

2) Charlie in IT operations installed an encryption program for us without reading the instructions as usual. He immediately was godsmacked when he rebooted and had to rebuild the whole system.
by Simon Templar April 15, 2008
Generally refers to a decent hard rock band, whose name was taken from the Alice in Chains song "God Smack". Often accused of being extremely derivative of Alice in Chains, but have formed their own brand of rock. Unfortunately, Godsmack has, on occasion, made songs that sound as if they have been influenced by Nickelback ("Bad Religion", "The Enemy").

Godsmack generally receives harsh criticism from those who have heard their singles, but fans understand that Godsmack can actually write good songs, although they do have a tendency to write similar-sounding songs at times.

Listen to "Re-Align", "Immune", "Vampires", or "Stress" if you want a more well-rounded perspective of Godsmack's music. Or perhaps their acoustic album, The Other Side.
"Dude, Godsmack's a complete rip-off of Alice of Chains!"

"Well, the logo and name are definitely taken from the band, and AiC certainly is one of Godsmack's influences, but there isn't really too much to link the two bands."
by suaveslav September 02, 2007
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