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1. Name of an Alice in Chains song from the album Dirt.
2. A band that tries their hardest to emulate Alice in Chains by copying their vocals, logo, sound, album cover, album name, and even their transition to accoustic sound. However, the despite all this, they strongly deny they got their name from the Alice in Chains song despite copying everything else from them.
We thought of Godsmack when I got a cold sore and Sully said God smacked you for saying that stuff about my mother. I thought it was a pretty good lie. We also told my mom the boogie man ate the cookies in the cookie jar.
by BRHEE August 22, 2006
A guard for the Los Angeles Lakers who believes that trying to look like Michael Jordan by padding his stats is more important than winning a title or even a game for that matter.
Kobe Bryant is Allan Houston with 45 field goal attempts.

by BRHEE September 06, 2006
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