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It's a hybrid strain of marijuana that is available only in clone. It's OG Kush X Grand Daddy Purp (G.D.P.). This heavy indica is covered in trichromes that adds to an even better high!
I just picked up a quad of Gods Gift from the club. Gotta love Medicann...
by surfbum997 May 19, 2008
Sarcastic term used for someone who generally contributes no benefits to humanity.
Person 1: I hate Philosophy students, Corvettes, German Shepherd dogs and anything by George Lucas.

Person 2: And I suppose you are God's gift to humanity?
by Speed Racer July 14, 2004
the best marijuana ever grown. has tie die colored buds and a single hit is enough to put you to sleep
dude i smoked a bowl of gods gift and i was drooling everywhere
by Aaron fisher May 08, 2008
weed, marijuana also known as God's gift from heaven
How do you think of marijuana?

God's gift
by Ronny Lancy September 04, 2005
when someone thinks they are the best thing that ever happened, when in reality they are horribly mistaken.
he swears he's god's gift to women.
by s March 02, 2005
the best kind of weed ever on earth
my homie hooked us up with some god's gift, that stuff is some bomb ass shit!
by .408:: March 14, 2008
1)adj- A term used to describe a person who is conceited beyond belief and who thinks that whoever they show an interest in should be flattered to the point of drooling on themselves in appreciation of their attention.
2) Stuck up, conceited, vane.
Johnny thinks he's God's gift to women, he's a legend in his own behind.
by jrh5356 April 24, 2005
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