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Godblocked refers almost synonymously to the term "cockblocked." However, this form only occurs when there are natural phenomena which only God could be controlling that are blocking your cock from vaginal penetration or other womanly pleasures.
While my girlfriend Allisyn was studying abroad in Indonesia, she sent me a letter one day saying "I miss you. Being away from you makes me realize just how much I truly love you. I want you to be my first the minute I get off of that plane back home." I was excited.
A month later, I got a call from her mother. Her mom said that Allisyn, a geology major, had been studying the contours of Mt. Krakatoa when it suddenly erupted. Her body was found three days later but she was obviously dead and her vagina had turned to obsidian. I totally got godblocked.
by Shawn J. R. December 06, 2007
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When you've pulled out all the stops to ensure that you will get laid and you get all the way to the bedroom only to have your advances rejected at the last moment due to some allegiance to an invisible deity or code of ethics from an outdated book.
John: Dude, I had it all set up, house to ourselves, candles, a stupid chick movie, I played tears in heaven for her, i had my face as smooth as a baby's ass, got her wet, took her to the bedroom, got naked, and she's all like, "the bible says.. blah blah blah." I was like omfg!

Dave: You totally got Godblocked dude. Did you enjoy blue balls?

John: Eat shit asshole.
by G-Fizzlezorz February 09, 2010
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