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1. A now desolate, non-existent volcanic island along Indonesia. Its last eruption occurred August 2X, 1883. It killed 35,000+ people, and was literally felt throughout the entire world.

2. A metaphor for raising hell, beating copious amounts of ass, and causing chaos in general.

2. (Whenever we hear this theme throughout the picture, we'll quickly learn what accompanies it is The Bride goin' Krakatoa all over whoever's ass happens to be in front of her at that moment.)
by Vio June 01, 2004
1) When you boutta cum and Bae lets you.

2) When your teammate lets you jump on his head to spray your p-90 and cop that ace.
Me "I'm bouta cum."
Her "Yes"
by BerizinoWeeno November 23, 2014
When a person's open-toed shoes are too small, forcing their toes to hang over the front of the shoe, like talons.
Her size 9 little smokies stuffed into those 7s is giving her some wicked krakatoa.
by Liberty Belle January 19, 2009
A bowl movement so robust it breaks the surface of the water, like a volcanic island. Named for the volcano whose 1883 eruption was the loudest sound in recorded history, heard 100 miles away, and whose ash cloud was seen around the world.
I just made a Krakatoa!
by big thumper February 13, 2011
A sexual fetish where the male does the female anally while she shits on his dick. Then, the male removes his dick, wipes the shit around the asshole, and then cums in her ass. The female then farts out the cum, looking like a volcano :P
James: Dude, let's make a Krakatoa!
Alex: Dude, I don't think my asshole can handle that kind of shit!
James: Don't worry about it, it'll be fun :)
Alex: Alright, fine. But only if I can be on the recieving end :D
by Sakivuv June 07, 2009
Annoying people who mostly behave like assholes. The word derived from some east-european countries where "krack atoss" means behaving like an asshole/jerk/idiot.
What is wrong with Paul? He is krakatoassing since he lost his job last week.
by Krakatoas February 12, 2011
An exclamation used by nerds/ losers when they pwn and/or own another player in a video game. Preferably World of Warcraft or the Halo sagas.
Yeah KRAKATOA motha fucka!!!
by The Chri February 03, 2007
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