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any violent woman who attacks the genitalia of unsuspecting men in order to amuse themselves or others
1st guy: Dude, Jorese jus nailed me in the nuts!

2nd guy: what a freekin girk!
by Paul July 28, 2004
a girly geek. used mainly towards females. when used towards a man it is an insult
that girl is a definate girk

he is such a girk!
by rila September 02, 2010
a girk is a nerd who has risen through the ranks of the nerds to become a head nerd or a super nerd. this means that a nerd who is considered by nerds to be a nerd is a girk
Nerd 1: Man Nerd 2 is such a girk

Nerd 3: yeh he got 3 extra credit points for knowing the answer to a question they do at university let alone in yr 9
by danieltylerdurden September 03, 2005
One who rests her head on peoples chests, feels their heartbeats, and then chops off their dicks
This girl from LA was a very good girk
by DEFNOTDAVIDLOL June 20, 2009
A mispelling for "girl" commonly made in instant messaging programs such as MSN. Can be used to refer to other females or males with feminine qualities.
"Has anyone seen Matty girk?"
"I finally met up with all you girks!"
by ArtanisDTS August 03, 2006
a big fat hairy pussy that talks and queefs.
Sam is going to shove his dick up you're velvety girk.
by peter.the.pussy.eater October 20, 2009
A Sweater or Sellout, who has nothing better to do than talk trash on others. Usually having a high opinion of themselves.
by Clit Cadaver February 28, 2008
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