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Girl/Guy I Recently Fucked

Term used to refer to someone you recently had sex with.
Hey, I think that's the girf from the Poconos.
by Maquiladorian December 04, 2006
the word "girl" misspelled with an "F"
"She's not that kind of girf."
"That's a lot of work for two girfs!"
by xrioT6296x September 15, 2009
Something you call one of your good girlfriends. Synonym to girl.
"Girf, I love that outfit!"
"Girfy, he is so fine, you should go for him!"
by Girfluva December 31, 2011
Someone who has a very reserved personality, but gets angry easily online and in videogames.
Jezus, calm down Girf, it's just a game.
by DaMadSniper July 10, 2016
a tropical getaway for disgruntled lawn gnomes on strike.
we sent them all to a girf too cool down so they would stop nipping at our ankles.
by Holmar August 03, 2009
idiot, moron, loser.
pretty much another word for any 3rd grade insult.
Heather: lies!
Matt: you lies!
Heather: you're such a girf!
Matt: pshh
by oh my beckett January 27, 2009
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